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GNBC #6: Comments wanted for Local

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Our monthly Graphic Novel Book Club podcast continues to stubbornly insist on sticking to a two-monthly schedule, and so – as it’s been four weeks or so since we published episode five – it’s time for us to look for your submissions for discussion to feature in episode six, which we may yet get around to recording this year.

This time out, our attention has been turned to Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s Local, a twelve-part series published by Oni Press in single issue form between 2005 and 2008, and collected in trade form some time shortly afterwards.

As ever, we’ll talk about five pre-set discussion topics – which you’ll find below – and then move on to any other points or comments that might have come up. And, as ever, if you’ve got anything to say – either in response to our questions, or about anything else that strikes you about the book – then send them in and chances are we’ll probably read them out.

For this episode, the pre-planned topics are as follows:

1. Would Local be a different comic if it weren’t about Megan? How important to the story that the book is telling are her characteristics, background and personality?

2. Although location is the fundamental theme of the book, how integral are the specific real-world locations used to the stories being told?

3. Several of the issues only feature Megan as a secondary or supporting character. In retrospect, does this work?

4. How does Ryan Kelly’s art convey Megan’s changing personality, attitudes and overall essence as the book moves along its strict year-by-year progression?

5. How sympathetic is Megan as a protagonist?

If you’ve any comments to send us, either leave them as comments below, post them on your own blog (and, er, shoot us a link!) or email them to

And in addition to talking about Local, following the suggestion of a few listeners we’ll also welcome discussion on any of the points raised in previous podcasts. So if you’ve got anything to say about anything we’ve said, send it over and we’ll make a special section just for you. And if you’re one of the people who suggested the idea and you don’t send us anything, we’ll glare at you.

We’re hoping to record the episode on Tuesday 3rd April, so if you can get us your comments by then, that’d be super.

Written by Seb Patrick

March 15th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

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