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The Alternate Cover Comics Podcast – Episode 8 (July 2013)

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Avengers_16-674x1024We’re back! Bigger, and better than ever! Well, maybe not better but definitely bigger, in that we’re welcoming new team-member Rhys Williamson as a regular and ongoing member of the Alternate Cover crew. We’ve also got a slightly new format: rather than the usual set of reviews backed with more reviews, the podcast will now cover three discussion topics (one each) from all corners of the industry, before ending with a winner-stays-on head-to-head using questions from the “Obsessed with Marvel” quiz book so memorably introduced in the previous episode.

In this month’s instalment, Seb asks us to read the first two issues of Superman Unchained, James noses through the Harvey Award nominations (aka the Saga Vs. Hawkeye awards), and Rhys makes the case for Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run based on the events of Avengers #16. After that, it’s upstart Rhys versus reining champeen James in the battle for the Alternate Cover Obsessed with Marvel crown. Who is Sam Smithers? Why did Jane Foster and Thor break up? And what WAS Ben Reilly’s true nature? Only the true victor can answer these questions and more!

As usual, you can get us on iTunes here, or via the RSS feed here. Or you can even listen directly on the site via the link below.

The Alternate Cover Comics Podcast – Episode 8

Written by James Hunt

July 21st, 2013 at 12:35 pm

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