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Readers who follow the Alternate Cover team elsewhere may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago, we launched a new comics website called Panel Beats – and if you did notice (or if you’re just learning about it now for the first time), you might also be wondering what it means for AC.


By way of explanation, then: Panel Beats is a new venture we’ve gone into with an existing collective of websites, who invited us to run a comics blog for/with them. While we considered actually packing up and bringing Alt Cover over with us lock, stock and barrel, however, we eventually concluded that as the new site would have a slightly different focus (and style, and rate of posting), doing it under an entirely new name and brand made more sense for several reasons (most of which are too tedious and boring to go into).

What this doesn’t mean, however, is that we’re closing down Alternate Cover for good. Irrespective of whether we continue posting new material on this blog (and we’ll hopefully still do so from time to time – after all, it’s not like we were on an especially regular schedule over the last couple of years anyway), the existing archives will remain here indefinitely. We’re also not ditching or renaming the podcast: we’ll continue to post it here each time there’s a new episode, but if you follow us over to Panel Beats, we’ll also be crossposting and linking the episodes there.

Hopefully those of you who’ve liked our writing here (there are at least one or two of you… right?) will follow us over to the new place. We’re aiming to keep up a pretty solid daily mixture of news commentary, features, reviews and jokey nonsense that we think is worth a read. Either way, we’re both hugely thankful to all our loyal readers for your support, attention and comments in the years that we’ve been writing this stuff (especially if you followed us from all the way back in the Noise to Signal days), and we hope you’ll enjoy the new era as much as the old one.

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April 23rd, 2014 at 1:57 pm

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