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30 Days of Comics

30 Days of Comics was our attempt to start a meme based around people discussing their memories and history of buying and reading comics. It was based on a music-orientated meme that was going around in late 2010, with the idea being to post once a day for thirty days in response to assorted questions. We thought that rather than post the list of thirty in advance, we’d each pick as we go from a slightly longer list (as some are easier to find something to write about than others), then post the whole list for our readers to, if they like, have a go at doing themselves. The only mandatory entries were #1 and #30, which must be the “first” and “last” comics read – the rest could be done in any order.

We didn’t quite manage to knock them out at the rate of one a day for two months – we each took around six weeks to get the whole thing done – but nevertheless it was one of the better projects we’ve done, giving a pretty good overview of both our respective personal comics-reading histories.

If you fancy having a go at it on your own blog, the full list is at the end of the page – and get in touch if you do, as we’d love to read other people’s takes on it…

James’ List (October/November 2010)

1. Weapon X #3
2. S.W.O.R.D. #4
3. Genshiken vol. 9
4. Ghost In The Shell
5. X-Men Unlimited #8
6. Kill Your Boyfriend
7. My Friend Dahmer
8. Joker
9. Death: The High Cost of Living
10. Wonder Woman #600
11. Lost at Sea
12. The Escapists
13. Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?
14. Generation X Underground Special
15. Hulk: The End
16. Saw: Rebirth
17. Azumanga Daioh
18. The Incredible Hulk #-1
19. Sonic The Comic #8
20. Channel Zero
21. X-Men Firsts #1
22. Thunderbolts #56
23. Suburban Glamour #1
24. X-Men Legacy #224
25. Thunderbolts #1
26. Generation X #42
27. When Zombies Attack
28. La Muse
29. Origin
30. Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits

Seb’s List (November/December 2010)

1. Superman (London Editions Magazines) #1
2. Formerly Known As The Justice League
3. We3
4. Manhunter
5. Astonishing Spider-Man (Panini UK)
6. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life
7. Put The Book Back On The Shelf
8. Hellblazer #27
9. Hero Squared
10. X-Women
11. Ultimate Spider-Man #5
12. The Totally Stonking, Surprisingly Educational And Utterly Mindboggling Comic Relief Comic
13. The Spider-Man Saga
14. Uncle Sam
15. The Walking Dead
16. Hitman
17. Secret Origins Special #1
18. Alias #1
19. Miracleman
20. Preacher
21. Superman: Secret Identity
22. Spectacular Spider-Man (Panini UK) #183
23. Hark! A Vagrant
24. Eternals
25. Ultimate Fantastic Four #24
26. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
27. Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
28. Phonogram
29. The Sandman
30. The New York Four

The Master List!

1. Your first comic
x. A comic that made you laugh
x. A comic that made you cry
x. A comic that reminds you of a place
x. A comic that reminds you of a person
x. A comic that reminds you of an event
x. A comic you gave as a gift
x. A comic you received as a gift
x. A comic you could give to anyone
x. A comic you bought because of the artist
x. A comic you bought because of the writer
x. A comic that you bought for the cover / with your favourite cover
x. A comic about your favourite character
x. A comic you own but haven’t read
x. A comic you’ve read but don’t own
x. A comic you own more than one copy of
x. A comic you should have bought
x. A comic you’ve lost
x. A comic you sold
x. A comic you’re glad you bought
x. A comic you should have read, but haven’t
x. A comic you’ve read that more people should have
x. A poorly-regarded comic you like
x. A well-regarded comic you don’t like
x. A comic you’ve changed your mind about
x. The most valuable comic you own
x. A comic no-one would expect you to own
x. A comic that’s significant to you as an object
x. A comic you love in a genre you hate
x. A comic you bought by a creator you dislike
x. A comic you’d like to see retold in another medium
x. A comic with a good death scene
x. A comic that introduces a great character
x. An issue #1 you bought the month it came out
x. A comic with an unusual issue number
x. A black-and-white comic you love
x. A webcomic you love
x. A non-English-language comic you love
x. A miniseries you never finished
x. An issue that made you drop a series
x. A comic that changed your life
x. A comic that’s inspired/influenced you
x. A comic you identify with
x. A comic that best demonstrates your taste in comics
30. The last comic you read


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