Too serious about comics.


Alternate Cover is a comics reviews and commentary site, written by James Hunt and Seb Patrick.

Seb is the one with glasses who likes DC; James is the one without who likes Marvel.

This site was founded by James in November 2007 as Comics Daily, with the intent of providing one new comics review every weekday. To help in this task he was joined by Seb in December 2007, and guest reviewer Julian Hazeldine in June 2008.

After just short of three years of successful daily updates, other work commitments meant the site was no longer able to keep to this schedule – so in September 2010 was rechristened Alternate Cover. The site still aims to post informed and well-written reviews, commentary and analysis across the spectrum of the comics industry – but nowadays, a bit less frequently than 260 times a year.

In addition to this site, James and Seb write or have written about comics for Comic Book ResourcesDen of Geek,, Comic Heroes magazine and The New Statesman. Outside of comics James is a columnist for Micro Mart, while Seb is a regular contributor to When Saturday Comes.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with the site with comments, information, press, review copies, content submissions or anything else, you can find us on Twitter, or drop us a line at